Hello, we are the partners of Eco Bookkeeping + Business Solutions, Carl & Sonja.

We moved from the Illawarra NSW to the beautiful Gold Coast 3 years ago with a vision to help your business by;

  • Providing accurate business management accounts;
  • Saving you time & money;
  • Clearing the clutter of paperwork;
  • Helping you to understand the financial workings of your business and make decisions based on real time information
  • Giving you back time to focus on what you do best!


Meet Sonja

Adv Dip, Bcom, MYOB CC, AICB, ATI, registered BAS agent

I am a mum of 2 grown children and to Charli, our little pup.

I have also been an accountant for a large accounting firm since 2004 & prior to that owned a successful business for 10 years.

As an accountant, typically I pull the bookkeeping information from the clients bookkeeping records and prepare their financial accounts and tax returns.

From that information we look at how to minimise tax, help clients plan, and help grow their business among other things.

Normally accountants charge a fixed price to look after their clients. However too often I spent most of that time fixing up errors in the bookkeeping software rather than doing what I am meant to be doing. This is the reason I made the decision to start a bookkeeping business so that I could provide accurate data to clients, their accountants, and advisors. Also, to provide business owners with information on a timely basis. I have found that most businesses only rely on their bookkeeping for compliance such as BAS’s and yearend accounts instead of looking at accurate data from their software on at least a monthly basis.

This is the only way you can see how the business is going and you can only then make decisions based on that information if it is accurate.

I love working as a bookkeeper on the Gold Coast. There is no better place to work from!


Meet Carl

Xero partner  

I am also a father to 2 grown children and together with Sonja we formed a family of 7, including Charli.

I was a career banker for over 20 years with the bulk of my time spent in commercial banking in a variety of roles such as a Business Banking Manager, Credit Manager and a Regional Executive looking after a team of commercial bankers.

During that I met some genuinely great business people and advisors and learned a lot about what makes a great business.

I also met a lot of great people who struggled to understand how their business was going financially. Those type of clients struggled to present management accounts from their bookkeeping system that gave an accurate picture of how their business was going. Most clients who need finance, want it now and were rarely in a position where they could present current and accurate financial information to support their finance application. It often took so much time for them to pull that together which would be expensive and frustrating.

I moved into business consulting and worked with clients in many industries. This involved strategic planning, financial forecasting & preparing proposals to present to banks.

I love numbers. They show a true picture of a business and how it is performing in many ways. They also give us hints on what we can consider changing to do better. Better still, if they are up to date and accurate, you can sleep at night knowing that the ATO compliance is good, the accountant will be happy and so will the Bank.

Together we are your best bookkeeper on the Gold Coast and registered BAS agent on the Gold Coast! We do more than just bookwork and compliance, we help you to understand & grow your business.

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